MWD 015: Marilyn E. Porter: Stop Giving Your Gift Away

Marilyn E. Porter is a mother, a minister, a motivator and so much more! Listen to her interview and learn how you can stop giving your gift away and transform it into a successful, purpose-driven business.

MWD 014: Alison Smith: Gentle Parenting Creates A Win-Win for Families

Alison Smith is a Gentle Parenting Specialist, an educator, entrepreneur and a loving mother. She is passionate about empowering others to “move beyond their personal status quo”.

MWD 013: Sarah Aderson: Build An Empire, Not A Business

Sarah Aderson, also known as the Leg-a-SHE Strategist, is an international speaker, co-author of the international best selling book, Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All! She empowers entrepreneurs to charge what they’re worth, so they can leave a legacy for their family and the world.

MWD 012: Sara F Hathaway: No More Mom Guilt for this Mompreneur

Sara F. Hathaway is an international author, a mom, wife and a passionate entrepreneur. After many years of writing, Sara discovered the many possibilities that she could create by sharing her gift of creativity with the world. Listen to the full episode and go on an exciting journey with Sara F. Hathaway.