MWD 029: Talmar Anderson: Business Is NOT Innate – It’s Learned

Talmar Anderson is the Founder of Talmar it Up, LLC, an operations and management firm. With over 20 years of experience managing multi-million dollar businesses, Talmar easily and quickly applies her insights to help her clients expand their business operations and increase their profits.

MWD 028: L.J. Jackson: Discover Your Personal Power Within

L.J Jackson of Personal Power Within, Inc. is an award-winning women’s empowerment expert, mentor, inspirational speaker, executive producer, author, certified Master NLP coach & success coach with 20 years of experience helping thousands save their dreams.

MWD 027: Susan LeBron: Removing Intimacy Barriers

Susan LeBron is on a mission to help others strengthen and protect their relationships. She teaches couples how to recognize intimacy barriers that often prevent them from being completely honest with each other.

MWD 026: Teresa Robinson: Making Health and Fitness A Lifestyle

“It’s all about setting short-term goals to achieve long-term goals, doing little things each day that turn into a lifestyle.” ~Teresa Robinson Listen to Teresa’s journey of making health and fitness a lifestyle and implement some of her strategies in your life.